About Stone Flooring

Beauty. Longevity. Durability.

Stone Flooring is an epoxy floor product released by Vulcan Waterproofing, the oldest and the most reliable basement waterproofing company in the East Coast (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania).

Vulcan Stone Flooring solves indoor and outdoor concrete floor problems permanently.

It’s virtually a maintenance-free product that only requires light cleaning using a vacuum, hose or mop. It corrects puddling, low spots, uneven areas and even hides chipped, cracked and stained concrete.

Stone flooring doesn’t trap moisture, which breeds mold and mildew. It’s the type of floor surface that is FDA-approved and is comfortable for walking and crawling even in bare feet. It also creates unique patterns, borders, designs and logos that is 100% environmentally friendly.

Installation usually takes one day. For orders, reservations and other inquiries, please call (877) 885-2268. You can visit our main website http://vulcanstoneflooring.com/ for testimonials and photo gallery.


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